All facials consist of exfoliation, personal skin analysis, massage (hands included) and extraction. A luxurious facial mask completes these beneficial treatments.

European facial $70 – 60 mins

This classic facial is a thorough cleansing treatment using steam to heat the face. It is meant to improve the look feel and health of the skin.

American herbal facial $76 – 75mins   CUSTOMER FAVORITE

This Modern facial uses a warm herbal cotton wrap.  Made up of green tea, lavender and chamomile to provide a calming, yet deep cleansing. A heat mask in applied to face to heat the skin to the perfect temperature which makes extraction virtually painless. This facial compliments any skin type, and provides the skin with a long-lastingclean, clear result..

Repechage Four Layer Facial $125 – 105 mins   CUSTOMER FAVORITE

Repechage is a French word meaning to" rescue". This extraordinary treatment is added to either a European facial or a American herbal facial. These four layers provide intense hydration to the face. Using only the purest form of seaweed to detoxify and promote intense hydration. The result of this facial leaves the skin feeling soft and supple while also helping reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Back Facial $95 – 75 mins

  If you're looking to treat "back acne" or just wanting to pamper yourself, this is the ultimate treatment. Relax while receiving a back massage and Steam Heat. Extraction is performed if needed. To complete this therapeutic treatment a finishing mask is applied and removed with hot towels. Your back will be ready for any occasion.


Any clients wishing to wax, should disclose any use of topical medications. Retin-A, Alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, Accutane and antibiotics can cause harmful reactions when waxing services are performed.

Eyebrow shaping $15

Upper lip $10

Chin $12

Full face $36

Sides of face $16

Bikini $34

Underarms $25

Half arm $25

Lower leg $45

Full leg $80

Back $55


33% Gly Peel – 25mins – $30

You will get a visible result from the first treatment. By rapidly exfoliating epidermal cells this universal peel instantly unclogs pores, smooth texture, clarifies the complexion, and promotes cell turnover.  This treatment can be added to any facial or can be done alone. It complements most skin types.   *This treatment should not be performed if client is using retinol or topical medications for acne.


Lymphatic Drainage – 25 mins – $30

This relaxing non-invasive holistic treatment works with the body's own natural process bringing balance to the skin. Using the drainage machine to lightly manipulate the fluid Under the Skin to move down Pathways leading to large lymph nodes on the face, neck and chest. This treatment helps drain excess fluid. When performed on a regular basis lymphatic drainage can greatly reduce swelling, puffiness, redness, acne breakouts, sinusitis, as well as decreased recovery time and bruising following facial surgery. Lymphatic Drainage can be incorporated to any facial,  or performed on its own. Suitable for all skin types.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Are your eyelashes and eyebrows lacking color? Do you need to apply eyebrow pencil and mascara daily just so your facial features are enhanced?

If this is the case, I have the solution. Eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting is a simple, safe, and cost-effective way to apply Color to your Lashes and eyebrows. Tinting lasts approximately 2 to 3 weeks, and won't rub off or wash off..It simply fades away.

Eyelash tinting – 30 mins – $30

Eyebrow tinting – 20 mins – $15